Custom Exterior Shutters

One of the easiest ways to add instant curb appeal to your house is with the installation of custom exterior shutters. This simple weekend project will instantly enhance the appeal of existing homes and new construction alike. The addition of exterior shutters produces depth and color that brings focus to outside windows. Multiple styles are available to customize your design.

Louvered Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Raised Panel Shutters

Shaker Style Shutters

Flat Panel Shutters

Combination Shutters

Board and Batten Shutters

Styles of Exterior Shutters

Outdoor louvered shutters are the most versatile and therefore the most widely employed. They add depth, texture, and symmetry to any façade, using angled horizontal louvers equally spaced and secured between the side stiles. When installed with functional outdoor hardware and closed over the window, wood louvered shutters allow air transfer through the slats. Limited space between louvers does make this style of shutter the most difficult to prime, sand, and paint.

Raised panel shutters incorporate solid tapered panels that lock between the stiles and rails. These rigid custom exterior shutters provide a structured appearance that is desirable on many homes. The raised panel style is favored in many regions along the East Coast, but is certainly not limited to that region. Outside raised panel shutters positioned over the window can give moderate storm protection or room-darkening privacy. Add a star, heart, sailboat, or tree cutout for a unique personalized result.

Black raised panel custom exterior shutters installed on a two-story house.

Shaker panel shutters are constructed the same way as the raised panel style, replacing the insert with a perforated section. This craftsman design simulates the vertical planks of the popular board and batten structure with the addition of surrounding stiles and rails. Solid panels are considerably easier to finish than louvered shutters. A similar contemporary flat panel shutter can also be supplied.

Combination shutters merge the louvered and raised panel styles, separated with a divider rail. The most common configuration utilizes louvers on top with a solid panel below. However, this can be reversed or combined with a grooved panel.

Board and batten shutters are simple in composition and construction. The rustic construction utilizes vertical boards joined with horizontal battens. The board and batten style fits logically on a country farmhouse, but also can be installed on a contemporary dwelling for a surprising juxtaposition. Modifications to the configuration, including additional battens or space between boards, can be requested.

Tropical Bahama shutters utilize specialized hinges that attach to the top of the window opening. The outdoor panels then extend away from the house at the bottom to shade windows from extreme sunlight in coastal climates. The custom exterior shutters use fixed open louvers to permit seaside breezes into the house. One or more vertical sub-stile creates separate horizontal louver sections in wider panels. Bahama shutters are only available in PVC or premium wood.

Arch top shutters match the contour of a curved window. Louvered, combination, grooved panel, and raised panel exterior shutters all may be constructed with an arched top. Arch top shutters are necessary when rectangular panels cannot appropriately match the profile of the window opening. Mirror image left and right arches are arranged to flank either side of an opening.

Materials for Construction

Premium wood shutters set the industry standard. All other materials are judged in comparison to wood. Various species have been tested repeatedly for durability and stability in various environmental conditions. We have selected three of the best: Red Grandis, Cedar and Mahogany. Each species ranks above average for construction, painting and installation of custom exterior shutters. All ShutterLand styles are offered constructed from premium wood.

We present Pine wooden shutters for homeowners seeking an economy line shutter. These panels are constructed using the same time-tested methods of premium wood shutters but are not expected to have a similar extended life span. Pine expands and contracts more with passing seasons, so regular inspection and maintenance will help extend the life of the outside shutters. Most homeowners who purchase economy shutters view them as a quick fix or short term home improvement.

Solid exterior PVC shutters are exceptional in multiple categories. Their strength, durability and longevity are unsurpassed. The material naturally repels moisture and is low-maintenance. All styles of PVC window shutters can be installed with functional hinges and designs that satisfy historic preservation societies.

External composite shutters have long life expectancy due to their ability to resist the absorption of water. Panels are constructed from sheets of wood fibers pressed with marine grade resins. The resulting panels are rugged, sturdy and virtually impervious to rot. The back side of composite shutters is flat with no detail. They may only be installed in a stationary position.

Window shutters to help with insulation on a red house.

Outdoor decorative vinyl shutters are strictly installed to add visual interest to the house. They are a cheap alternative to more solid materials and can be manufactured more quickly. In fact, some styles only require 3-5 business days to ship. The polypropylene components are molded with a wood grain pattern for surface texture.

Measure for Custom Exterior Shutters

With a few exceptions, most custom exterior shutters install to either side of a window. Functional shutters installed with rotating hinges need to be half the width of the window to fully close. Purely decorative shutters should have a similar appearance as those that are operable. However, modern windows are often wider than what can logically be covered and compromises need to be made. In that situation, we recommend using panels ¼ the width of the window. This approach then mimics the appearance of bi-fold panels. Height should conform to match the window in all installations.

Exterior Shutters Paint Colors

ShutterLand provides three finish options for wood and composite materials. All shutters should be completely finished to protect the raw material for regular exposure to the outside elements. Quality paint applied with thorough coverage is the best to shield the shutters for an extended period. It is highly recommended that the wood or composite be primed prior to painting. The primer seals the raw fibers and gives the paint finish a smooth connective surface for best adherence. ShutterLand shutters can be ordered professionally factory primed, painted, and ready for installation. We also offer the opportunity to order house shutters unfinished or just primed for DIY home improvement projects.

Paint colors for exterior shutters are infinite, and selection can be daunting. We have a collection of nine standard paints that many homeowners find appealing. If you need a more refined hue, we do mix custom colors for a one-time fee of $200. Colors chosen often match the front door or window trim. Do consider how all of the house will appear and that new exterior shutters may take up considerable real estate. Major paint manufactures and suppliers publish collections prepared by designers who understand colors that complement one another. This is a great resource to get paint color ideas for custom exterior shutters. Still, the most popular window shutter color is black.

Construction of Outdoor Panels

Consistent construction of dependable high-quality products is fundamental to our identity at ShutterLand. We are extremely particular about the materials and the manufacturing process. Custom exterior shutters must be able to endure years of harsh outdoor weather conditions. We use time-tested techniques combined with modern innovation to assemble quality wood shutters. Joints between stiles and rails are glued, dowelled, and screwed for the strongest bond possible. Composite panels are secured with tongue and groove connections strengthened with industrial outdoor glue and 1 inch staples.

Cost of Custom Exterior Shutters

The price of ShutterLand window shutters is largely determined by the style, material and finish combination. We have attempted to keep costs at a minimum for direct internet sales. You can get an immediate price by visiting the product page which best fits your need. Enter a few specifications and click “Price.” Add the item to the shopping cart and keep shopping for multiple sizes.

Production and Shipping Time

Wood and composite panels require about 4-6 weeks to manufacture. After an order is complete it is shipped direct to your front door. Vinyl shutters only take about 1-3 weeks to craft.

ShutterLand will provide you with all of the necessary information to make an informed purchase. Our website is organized with detailed specifications of every outdoor shutter we sell, including pictures. While some may not care about the height of the divider rail, it may be crucial for another who is matching replacement exterior shutters. If you are unable to find the answer to a question, call us and a specialist will be happy to help.