Exterior Board and Batten Shutters

Exterior Board and Batten Shutters

Price & Order Board & Batten Shutters

We offer exterior board and batten shutters constructed from four different materials. Each has unique traits for appearance and function.

Premium Wood Shutters

High-quality wood board and batten exterior shutters have been used for centuries to make American homes more comfortable, safe, and attractive. We use kiln-dried lumbers to forge the boards and battens that compose our excellent line of exterior wood shutters. Each panel is assembled with time-tested techniques for maximum strength and longevity. Wood board and batten shutters are sold unfinished, primed or fully painted to completely cover all surfaces.

Build wood board and batten exterior shutters.

  • Red Grandis is a distinct timber species that is popular for construction of many outdoor structures, including decks and fences. It is lightweight, strong, and naturally resists insects and decay. This timber is naturally durable with minimal knotting, resulting in a consistently smooth texture. The fibers are relatively uniform in color with variations from light pink to dark red, and accept paint or stain well. Red Grandis is dimensionally stable and strong, yet lightweight in comparison to similar woods. The price of Red Grandis shutters is at the most affordable level and the best overall value.
  • Mahogany is noticeably darker reddish brown than other selections. Mahogany performs very well in outdoor conditions and there is little seasonal movement in this dense wood. Mahogany is the heaviest of the three lumbers and naturally repels insects.
  • Cedar is the most common material for building exterior board and batten shutters in the industry. Cedar has many of the same qualities as Red Grandis, yet is less dense, making it easier to sand and finish. We use Select Grade B (99.5% clear) and better Cedar to begin the manufacturing process.

Gray board and batten external shutters installed on brick and stone.

Composite Board and Batten Shutters

Our board and batten composite shutters are constructed from high quality durable material that is impervious to moisture, rot, and termites. Stable composite shutters outperform wood in many categories, including longevity.

  • Extira is an engineered product formed with sustainable wood fiber (sawdust) with marine grade resins. The raw materials are pressed into dense rigid panels. Shutter components are cut from larger sheets and shaped to specification. Composite shutters can be hinged but have only one presentable side, yet are priced lower than premium wood shutters.

Vinyl Board and Batten Shutter

ShutterLand vinyl board and batten shutters simulate the appearance of other solid materials. Attractive vinyl shutters are the most budget-friendly of all materials. They require very little maintenance and are easily installed. Select from 19 colors and 20 configurations to personalize to your home.

Board & Batten Shutter Options

ShutterLand composite and wood board and batten exterior shutters are available in several standard configurations.

Configuration options to build board and batten exterior shutters.

The basic arrangement of this shutter style consists of adjacent vertical boards with two horizontal battens. A third batten is required for shutters in excess of of 55″ in height, but is otherwise optional. A fourth batten may also be specified. Positioning of wood boards can be modified to include a space, or gap, between the vertical members.

Z-pattern & arch top board and batten exterior shutters.

Barn style z-pattern shutters are popular on many homes. The forward facing z is typically installed on the left side of the window, with the reverse-z on the right. Arch top exterior shutters reflect the contour of arched windows. A springline measurement is required to reflect lines of the window. The top batten will be lower than on a standard rectangular shutter to accommodate for the curve.