Tropical Exterior Bahama Shutters

Tropical Exterior Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Coastal homes have long found exterior Bahama shutters beneficial to enhance and preserve a comfortable tropical lifestyle. The iconic design of this alternative louvered shutter style is both attractive and practical for hot humid climates.

What are Bahama Shutters

Tropical Bahama shutters are designed to cover a full window and suspend from the top with a hinge. They can utilize vertical sub-stiles that allow the panels to be constructed much wider than standard louvered shutters. Braces simultaneously extend from the building to push the bottom of the exterior shutter away from the house and lock at the desired angle. The awning-like installation of Bermuda shutters creates a shade over the window during peak hours to block intense heat.

How to Operate Bahama Shutters

Homeowners generally leave Bahama shutters propped open at about a 45 degree angle. However, the arms, or stays, can quickly be released from inside the house to allow the panels to hang flush against the window. The closed position interrupts sight lines to deliver privacy from neighbors or pedestrians. Bahama shutters can also provide protection from the impending rain and winds of a tropical storm or hurricane. The slanted louvers shed rain water away from the window and moderately shield from high winds and flying debris. Closing Bahama shutters will never result in an absolute dark room, but can be paired with effective interior shutters for satisfactory results.

Fixed tropical exterior bahama shutters with cutout fish supports.

Bahama Louvers

Open louvers are placed on regular intervals and are perfectly angled to deflect intense sunlight away from the structure while also promoting cooling breezes to pass through the home. This energy-efficient climate control method is an effective way to harness natural resources to save on expensive air conditioning and electrical utilities. Fixed open louvers allow for a sight line through the spaces for a semi-obstructed view.

Bahama Shutter Sizes

Bahama shutters in excess of 24 inches can feature a signature vertical sub-stile. The sub-stile divides the louvers into multiple horizontal sections. Panels that exceed 27 inches in width require at least one sub-stile, otherwise it is optional. Individual wood shutters can be constructed with up to four sub-stiles for ultra-wide areas up to a width of 85 inches, while PVC shutters can be manufactured up to 60″. Windows in excess of the maximum width need to use multiple exterior Bermuda shutters.

Most Bermuda shutters are installed to cover the full height of the window and optimize full functionality. The Bahama shutter is occasionally mounted to overhang only the top portion of the window. This modification decreases the sun protection but increases visibility through the window.

Build Bahama Shutters

Louvers on this style of shutter point down and away from the house, so when the panel is lifted the occupants can see outside. The fixed louvers of wood shutters are slotted into the side stiles so they cannot break free. The joints between stiles and rails are doweled, glued and secured with a screw. ShutterLand exterior Bahama shutters are built for strength and longevity with solid components cut to precise length. Custom sizes are offered so the exterior shutters perfectly fit each window.

Sawing wood to build exterior shutters.

Regions of Popularity and Use

Exterior Bermuda shutters are perfect for houses and businesses located in warm balmy climates nestled near the water. Their distinguished seaside qualities are particularly favored in the southern states of California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The strength and whimsy of these tropical exterior shutters is also widely desired in the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. Although incorrect, sometimes the style is referred to as Malibu shutters.

Wood Bermuda Shutters

ShutterLand manufactures outdoor Bahama shutters from three species of solid premium woods – Red Grandis, Cedar and Mahogany. All wood Bermuda shutters are kiln-dried and responsibly sourced from SFI certified forests.

Bahama Red Grandis Shutters

Red Grandis shutters are similar to mahogany in composition and life expectancy. The beautiful timber is preferred by home improvement professionals and novices who seek high-performance exterior Bermuda shutters at a slightly lower cost.

Cedar Bahama Shutters

Cedar shutters garner the most attention of all exterior construction materials. This coniferous tree is consistently selected to build outside Bermuda shutters. The impressive performance of  cedar is why homeowners keep choosing this hardy resource. Solid Bermuda Cedar shutters paint well and deliver years of reliable service.

Mahogany Bahama Shutters

Mahogany shutters are noticeably dense and heavy. The wood naturally repels moisture and prevails in harsh salt-air climates. The long lasting rigid forms are a strong defense against natural tropical elements.

Tropical Bahama shutters inside view.

PVC Bermuda Shutters

Because most Bahama shutters are installed in humid, tropical areas, heavy-duty PVC is an exceptional material for this style. The fabrication of PVC material results in an extremely straight and dense product that assembles beautifully. PVC does not rot or mold because it does not absorb moisture, and the finish is maintained for an extended time. As a result, PVC Bahama shutters have an extended life expectancy in any environment.

Vinyl Bahama Shutters

Vinyl shutters do not have the structural fortitude to withstand the rigors required of a functional shutter. Vinyl panels only have a front and four sides. They are hollow with no back so they cannot be hinged and lack independent rigidity. Vinyl is simply not an option for construction of Bahama shutters.

Composite Bahama Shutters

Composite shutters are built with false louvers. The slats are milled in banks from a single sheet, so there is no space in between. Also, the backs of composite shutters are flat with no detail. So, for these reasons, the material is not suitable for construction of Bahama shutters.

Colors of Bermuda Shutters

Paint colors of exterior Bahama shutters often integrate the surrounding culture. ShutterLand can custom match any color necessary to complete your coastal home. Cottages, bungalows, mansions, and resorts in Miami and Key West, Florida frequently utilize pastels like green, yellow, blue or pink. Apartments, duplexes, and estates in New Orleans, Louisiana the selections may be darker hues of green, blue, black and red. Many other waterfront homes in cities like Myrtle Beach, San Diego, and the more northern Sea Isle City or Cape Cod employ the universally fashionable white shutters. ShutterLand has nine standard paints and unlimited custom color options.

Green wood bahama shutters installed on exterior windows.

How Much do Bahama Shutters Cost?

All ShutterLand exterior shutters are affordably priced for the American homeowner. You will need only the width and height to get an instant online quote for any outdoor window shutters. The cost of Bermuda shutters displayed includes free shipping.

Measure for Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are intended to hang in front of the window. The shutters should then measure slightly larger than the opening. Review how to measure for Bahama shutters to obtain the optimum size.

Installation of Bahama Shutters

Install Bahama shutters with a hinge that attaches to the top of the shutters and stays to extend the shutters from the window at the bottom. The devices work in tandem for complete versatility. Follow our installation instructions for complete detail.

Buy Used Bahama Shutters

Purchasing used Bahama shutters may be an option, but recycled panels rarely come up for sale. There is not a standard window size, so obtaining the size and quantity needed could be extremely difficult.

Buy Exterior Bahama Shutters

If your cabana, gazebo, or full house could benefit from the installation exterior house shutters, we are here to help. We provide detailed specifications for all products and direct you to find the best solution for your application.