Exterior Shutters Delivery Time

Shipping is FREE for most standard exterior shutters ordered online.

Orders that include oversize exterior shutters will be charged a one-time oversize amount (see rates below). Oversize shipping rates do not apply to Bahama style shutters.

Current Production Times

Red Grandis5-8 weeks
Cedar5-8 weeks
Mahogany5-8 weeks
Economy Pine5-8 weeks
Composite3-6 weeks
Vinyl2-4 weeks

We have streamlined the order and production process to reduce prices and decrease production time for exterior shutters. We do not rush orders, cut corners, or sacrifice quality.

ShutterLand ships exterior shutters across America.

We offer thousands of size and style combinations, so all composite and exterior wood shutters are custom made for each individual order. The standard production time depends on the number of orders in house and seasonal demand. Late spring and summer are the high season months with the greatest volume, so the time to manufacture may be slightly longer during these periods. Painted and primed shutters require a slightly longer production process than unfinished panels.

Vinyl shutters are currently manufactured in about 2-4 weeks.

Shipping Time

Following the production period, exterior shutters are securely packaged to ship direct to your home. When your exterior shutter order departs, we will supply you with tracking numbers so you may track the packages online.

Production times stated are estimates based on a number of factors available at the time of order. We are unable to guarantee production time, ship dates or delivery dates.

American Shutters Factory Location

We ship all composite and wood exterior shutters from our manufacturing facility in northern Alabama. Vinyl shutters are manufactured and shipped from our facility in Illinois. Shipping outside of the United States of America will require special instruction.

Shipping Method

We generally ship using FedEx Ground or UPS. Occasionally, we use a general carrier for larger shipments.

Delivery of American made wood exterior shutters shipped to a house.

Oversize Rates

Shipping is FREE for all shutters unless the width and height ordered necessitates a one-time oversize rate.

Wood & Composite Shutters (except Bahama style)

WidthHeight One Time Oversize Shipping Rate
>= 24″Any $190
Any>= 86″ $190

Vinyl Louvered, Combo, Raised & Grooved Panel Shutters

WidthHeightOne Time Oversize Shipping Rate
14.5″>= 92″ $190
16.25″ >= 88″ $190
17.75″ >= 86″ $190
13″ >= 96″ $190
14.875″ >= 92″ $190
19″ >= 84″ $190
20.875″ >= 80″ $190
23.875″ >= 74″ $190
25.75″ >= 70″ $190
27.5″ >= 66″ $190
29′ >= 64″ $190

Vinyl Board & Batten Shutters

WidthHeight One Time Oversize Shipping Rate
13.875″ – 4 Boards>= 90″$190
16″ – 4 Boards>= 90″$190
17.25″ – 5 Boards>= 82″$190
20″ – 5 Boards>= 82″$190
20.75″ – 6 Boards>= 72″$190
23.875″ – 7 Boards>= 64″$190
24.375″ – 6 Boards>= 72″$190
27.25″ – 8 Boards>= 56″$190
28.625″ – 7 Boards>= 64″$190
33″ – 8 Boards>= 56″$190

Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

Standard shipping rates apply only to orders shipped to the 48 continental United States.

Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii can be accomplished by one of two options.

  1. Provide a FedEx or UPS account number to use to ship direct.
  2. Supply a freight forwarder address within the continental United States.