Exterior Shutter Hardware

Exterior shutter hardware is essential to make outdoor window shutters functional. We have selected House of Antique Hardware as our endorsed provider of quality exterior shutter hardware. They have a great selection of hinges, shutter dogs, bolts, and pulls. House of Antique Hardware will answer questions about installing exterior shutters and what is necessary for your application.

Our exterior shutter hinges guide and shutter dogs guide will help you make an informed decision.

Exterior shutter hardware including hinges, dogs, and bolts.

Shutter hardware will enhance the installation of composite or wood exterior shutters. Select the required hardware for your application.

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Shutter Hinges

Exterior shutter hinges pivot to allow panels to swing open and closed. Most wood exterior shutters require only two hinges, but extremely tall panels may benefit from more (requiring a divider rail). Composite shutters are heavier than wood and often need additional hinges for support. A variety of cast iron hinges are offered for most outside window configurations. Mortise hinges, surface hinges, and strap hinges are available for your unique window.

Shutter Dogs

Exterior shutter dogs are manufactured in many distinct designs, including the traditional s-shape, flower, sea shell, grapes, and star patterns. Shutter dogs positioned vertically keep exterior shutters in an open position. Rotating the shutter tieback horizontally release the opened shutters to swing closed. These fittings can be either screwed or bolted to the house or building. Authentic solid cast iron shutter dogs add a personalized touch to any home.

Black wood exterior shutters with s-pattern shutter dogs.

Shutter Bolts

Stainless steel or cast iron shutter bolts enable a homeowner to lock exterior shutters in a closed position over the window. A slide latch fastens to the horizontal rail of one shutter close to the inside edge. The receiver attaches to the adjacent shutter and the bolt slides between the two parts. This shutter hardware is operated from inside of the building. They are easily opened by releasing the latch and pushing the shutter to the side of the window.

Shutter Pulls

Shutter pulls permit the user to easily draw the shutters toward the window. The galvanized steel ring is easy to grasp from inside the window. Shutter pulls are available in several forms to confirm best to the desired operation.

Bahama Shutters Hardware

Bahama stays, or rods, push the bottom of the exterior shutter away from the window. They can easily be adjusted to set the angle of the shutters. Bahama shutters hinge from the top, allowing the bottom to separate from the building. Bahama shutters are louvered panels largely used in the Southern United States to provide filtered sunlight with maximum ventilation.

Exterior shutter hardware is not strictly utilitarian. Hinges, shutter dogs, bolts, and pulls increase the visual appeal of composite and wood exterior shutters alike. Non-functional shutters are often installed with authentic hardware for aesthetic purposes to enhance the overall appearance of the window shutters and unified home.