How to Measure For Vinyl Shutters

Use the following guidelines to measure for exterior vinyl shutters to fit your windows.

Louvered, Raised Panel and Combination Shutters:
Board & Batten Shutters:

Measure Windows for Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Time needed: 10 minutes per window

Step-by-step instructions on how to measure for vinyl shutters to be installed on exterior windows.

Measure for louvered vinyl window shutters.
  1. Width:

    Vinyl shutter width depends on the space available around a window, as well as desired appearance. For the look of functioning shutters, panel width should be about half the width of the window. However, non-functional decorative exterior vinyl shutters will never be closed over windows and are installed only as decorative accents to improve the appearance of the home or building.

    Widths of vinyl shutters are limited. This chart can help decide the best size.

    Window Width Single Wide
    Shutter Width
    Double Wide
    Shutter Width
    16″ or smaller 7″
    17″ – 22″ 9″ or 10″
    23″ – 31″ 12″ or 14.5″ 13″
    32″ – 40″ 14.5″, 16.25″ or 17.75″ 14.875″ or 19″
    41″ – 45″ 19″ or 20.875″
    46″ – 53″ 23.875″ or 25.75″
    54″ + 27.5″ or 29″

    Large or bay windows are often too wide to use panels that appear to be functional, so often a smaller panel is appropriate.

  2. Height

    Measure the height of each window or door (sash) and order the vinyl shutters the same dimension. Shutter height is the distance from the lowest to the highest part of the panel. It is acceptable to install stationary shutters the full height of the window trim, which in some cases appears more symmetrical.

  3. Top Profile

    Select either “Straight” or “Arch”. A standard straight top has square corners and horizontal top. Arched top shutters have a straight edge on one side and a curved slope on the other.

    A springline dimension is required to order arch top shutters. Ascertain the springline by measuring from the top of the window down to the start of the arch. Many arch tops have a 1-to-1 (1:1 drop) where the springline equals the shutter width.

    Measure for arch vinyl window shutters.

  4. Configuration

    Each exterior vinyl shutter style has a number of configuration options. The designs are shown on the specific style page.

  5. Color

    Choose from 19 standard molded-through exterior vinyl shutter colors. If none of the colors meet your project requirements, select the DIY paintable version to finish yourself.

  6. Installation and Hardware

    Vinyl shutters can be installed with either metal screws or vinyl spikes. Screws are suggested for soft material like wood and vinyl siding. Spikes are recommended for hard surfaces like masonry, brick, stucco or hardboard. Only screws can be used with board and batten shutters.

    Vinyl shutter spikes and screws.

    Wood ShinglesGoodBest
    HardboardBestRequires Wall Anchors
    BrickBestRequires Wall Anchors
    StuccoBestRequires Wall Anchors
    ConcreteBestRequires Wall Anchors
    StoneBestRequires Wall Anchors
Measure windows for exterior vinyl shutters.

Vinyl shutters currently require about 4-7 weeks to manufacture. Your vinyl shutters are then shipped direct ready to install.