Exterior Arch Top Shutters

Outdoor arch top shutters are the best solution to accent and cover arched windows. ShutterLand arch top shutters are constructed to replicate the lines and contour of a round top window. A springline measurement is required for all arch top shutters.

Green arch top shutters installed on house windows.

Measure for Exterior Arch Top Shutters

Arch top shutters with springline measurement.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to measure for Arch Top Shutters

  1. Width:

    The dimension from left to right of the shutter. The exterior shutter width should ideally be half of the full window width.

  2. Height:

    The measurement from the bottom of the shutter to the tallest point of the shutter.

  3. Springline (SL) :

    The dimension from the top point of the shutter down to where the arch begins.

Use the steps outlined in our exterior measuring instructions to obtain the basic dimensions required to order arch top shutters.

Unlike rectangular windows, arch top windows utilize two opposite exterior shutters. The arched shutter on the left mirrors the one on the right and cannot be interchanged.

ShutterLand exterior arch top shutters are available in louvered, raised panel, board & batten, and combination styles.

Round Top Windows

Perfect arch window measurement showing springline, radius, and width.

Round top, or perfect arch windows incorporate a half circle at the top of a rectangular bottom. The springline measurement is equal to half of the window width.

Eyebrow Arch Windows

Eyebrow arch window measurement showing springline, radius, and width.

An eyebrow window is configured with a partial circle above a rectangular section. The springline dimension is less than half of the window width.


The curve of a ShutterLand arch top shutter is an arc, or part of the circumference of a circle. We do not make shutters with tops that do not have a definable radius. Therefore, shutters for windows with an elongated half ellipse top or pointed gothic head are unavailable. We also do not manufacture full circle or single panel full arch shutters.

Arch Top Shutter Installation

Exterior arch top shutters are installed with the shortest edge against the window. The shutter flairs out to the side so when rotated closed the longest edges meet in the center. Closed shutters should be able to cover the opening completely.

Exterior Shutter Materials

All outdoor window shutter materials can be crafted to replicate the contour of windows with a round top. Select from wood, composite, and vinyl.

Vinyl raised panel and combination shutters have an “Eyebrow” option of a 1″, 2″ or 3″ drop.

Arch Top Windows

The beauty of arch top windows is obvious. They provide structural interest inside and outside that is unobtainable from other building features. Arched windows are used by architects to provide contract to multiple straight lines used in building.

Yet, arch top windows can be uniquely challenging to cover. Arch top exterior shutters are both functionally pragmatic and contribute to the grandeur of the feature.