Price Quote for Exterior Shutters

Get a quick price for exterior shutters online.

Proceed to one of the following pages by selecting the exterior shutter style and material. On the resulting page, complete the required entries and click “Price” to get a quote for exterior shutters. Add the items to the shopping cart to view a quote for all shutters, including the shipping cost (which is FREE for most orders).

Measure, price, and order exterior shutters online.

Select Outdoor Shutter Style

ShutterLand exterior window shutters are available in five styles:

Shutter size and desired finish are also needed to price exterior shutters.

What do Exterior Shutters Cost?

The price range of exterior shutters is vast and depends on size, material, finish as well as several different factors. To get instant cost of exterior shutters, enter the specifications online. Once each field is complete, the exterior shutters cost will quickly appear.

Sales tax is added for orders shipped to select states. If tax is not automatically charged, the customer is responsible to pay sales tax directly in compliance with local requirements.

Measure for Exterior Shutters

Approximate window measurements is all that is necessary to initiate a basic quote for exterior shutters. Using a steel tape measure, record both the width and height of each window. A visual size estimate can be extremely inaccurate. Exact measurements are not needed to get a general price for exterior shutters but must be obtained once the decision is made to order.

Follow the basic steps in our measuring instructions. The exterior shutter width should be half of the window width if installing shutters on either side of the opening. Occasionally a single external shutter is used to open to one side of the window. Stationary non-functional shutters may need to be narrower than half the width of the window.

Each style has a unique profile and function. Homeowners frequently drive or walk around local neighborhoods to view houses for inspiration.

Choose Wood, Composite PVC or Vinyl Shutters

Solid wood shutters have been used for centuries to provide protection, ventilation, privacy, and beauty to homes around the globe. We offer kiln-dried premium wood shutters, including Cedar, Red Grandis, and Mahogany, projected to provide years of consistent service. Economy Pine shutters provide a good alternative for a lower-cost home improvement. Composite shutters provide a good alternative with many aspects of wood shutters, with water-repellent quality that leads to a longer lifespan. PVC shutters offer a synthetic option that is almost indistinguishable from wood shutters in function and form, with the longest expected life and lowest maintenance. Vinyl shutters provide a low cost solution to quickly improve curb appeal.

We Make Exterior Shutters Affordable

It can be difficult to budget for a whole house renovation or an individual home improvement project. While pricing windows and doors often requires an on-site specialist to estimate, this is thankfully not the case for exterior shutters. It is easy to get a quick exterior shutters quote estimate online from ShutterLand for one or all of the windows on the house.

ShutterLand offers affordable high-quality exterior shutters. We do not sell poor quality exterior shutters for a discount price. Cheap outdoor shutters sold at cut-rate prices will look terrible and need to be replaced quickly. These inferior, temporary solutions are advertised by a number of online retailers.

We manufacture all our shutters in the United States and ship direct from the factory to give the lowest price possible. The bold improvement of shutters will add curb appeal and value to the house.

We sell outdoor shutters in custom sizes and specified styles. We don’t offer specialty shapes or rarely used features which can quickly become expensive. This allows us to streamline our operation and keep prices low for quality exterior shutters.

Shipping Price

Shipping is FREE for most orders. Additional rates will apply for shipping outside of the continental United States and for oversize shutters.

Shutter Hardware Cost

Functional exterior shutters that swing open and closed use hardware specific to the application. ShutterLand does not stock or sell hardware for installing exterior shutters. We provide a recommended supplier on the hardware page. Factor in the purchase of hinges, bolts, and shutter dogs when pricing for a functional shutter installation.

Order Exterior Shutters

Once a style and material has been selected, navigate to the corresponding page. Make the required entries, click “Price”, then click “Add to cart.” Follow the remaining directions to complete your order for exterior shutters.