Build Exterior Shutters

All ShutterLand shutters are hand-crafted in the United States with the highest quality workmanship. Because of the custom nature of shutter construction, production time varies. We currently require about 4-6 weeks to build and prepare to ship composite and wood exterior shutter orders.

Wood exterior shutter construction.

Wood Shutter Construction

ShutterLand’s quality wood exterior shutters are built with time-tested techniques. Each exterior wooden shutter panel is manufactured from top-quality, solid, kiln-dried wood. Stiles, rails, louvers, boards and battens are all solid lengths. We do not finger-joint shorter pieces of lumber to create longer components in construction of panels.

The fixed slats of louvered shutters are precisely positioned into the side stiles on regular intervals, affixed at angles with space between for watershed and ventilation. For paneled shutters, the grooved or raised panel component is constructed from exterior grade Extira and slotted into the wood stiles and rails. Combo shutters use both louvers and raised panels in a single shutter.

Wooden exterior shutter construction of stilles, rails, and louvers.

The stiles and rails of wood louvered shutters, wood raised panel shutters, and grooved panel shaker shutters are assembled with two dowels held in place with polyurethane exterior glue and 3 ½” threaded screws. For wood board and batten shutter construction, horizontal battens are glued and screwed to vertical boards from the back.

ShutterLand exterior wood shutters can be made from a variety of lumber, including Cedar, Red Grandis, Mahogany, and Southern Yellow Pine. All wood shutters are available unfinished, ready to prime and paint or stain. Factory priming and painting are optional for all wood shutter panels.

Composite Shutter Construction

For an even longer-lasting, low-maintenance option, many homeowners are choosing composite shutters. ShutterLand’s composite shutters are milled in a variety of styles – louvered, raised panel, grooved panel and board & batten.

Exterior composite shutter panels are assembled with tongue and groove construction, adhered with high-quality industrial exterior glue, with a 1” staple shot through the back tongue.

Composite shutters are recommended for decorative use mounted in a fixed position. The detail of all composite shutters is limited to the front of the shutter panel, while the panel back remains flat. Banks of composite louvers are crafted from a solid piece of Extira with no space between louvers. Composite shutters can be hinged to swing open and closed it the appearance of the back is not essential.

Composite shutters are available primed or factory painted, but may NOT not be stained.

For more detailed specifications on all our custom exterior shutters, visit the web page for the shutter style being considered.

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