Exterior PVC Shutters

All the best features of an exterior shutter can be achieved with PVC: longevity, functionality and beauty. The material is solid, straight, durable, weather resistant, and low maintenance. Exterior PVC shutters are accurately constructed to replicate historical wood in appearance and can be hinged to swing open and closed over the window. These qualities rank PVC as the “best overall material” for building exterior shutters.

Composition of Exterior PVC Shutters

The impeccable strength of exterior PVC shutters can be attributed to the technological formulation and engineering of the raw material. Diverse polymers with favorable characteristics are co-extruded to create a multilayer structure. The segments meld together in the cooling process resulting in a material that combines the various properties and reduces or eliminates irregularities. This translates into the fabrication of PVC exterior shutter components that are dimensionally stable and exceptionally straight.

Exterior PVC Shutter Performance

ShutterLand exterior PVC shutters are built with completely solid components and designed to provide decades of dependable service. The material density of outdoor PVC shutters makes them incredibly difficult to dent or gouge.

The material is weather resistant and can endure even the harshest conditions found throughout the United States. Intense sunlight, extreme cold, heat, rain, sleet, and snow have very little impact on the remarkable durability of outdoor PVC shutters. The material will not rot or mold because it does not absorb moisture. Plus, insects like carpenter bees and termites dislike polyvinyl chloride.

PVC also does not expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures, which can happen with natural materials and is the primary cause of cracks in the finish. The stiles and rails are secured together with premium construction glue and professional grade anti-corrosion screws for an inseparable bond. These attributes result in a virtually maintenance-free exterior shutter with an extended life expectancy.

PVC Shutter Styles

Homeowners predominately install exterior shutters to develop and enhance the appearance of their home. Exterior PVC shutters are available in all seven of the popular designs. Each one conveys a slightly different identity. Select from louvered, raised panel, flat panel, shaker style, combination, board & batten or Bahama exterior shutter styles. Each design can be further customized to achieve the desired aesthetic.

PVC Shutter Pros

+ Can be installed with functional hinges
+ Historically authentic
+ Solid components
+ Impeccable strength
+ Remarkable durability
+ Abrasion resistant
+ Weatherproof
+ Impervious to moisture
+ Bugs avoid
+ Full range of sizes available
+ Unlimited paint colors
+ Long life expectancy
+ Straight / Smooth components
+ Low-maintenance
+ Fixed installation brackets included
+ Quick 4-5 weeks production time
+ Free shipping for most sizes

PVC Shutter Cons

– Heavy and require multiple hinges
– Priced slightly more than wood
– Cannot be stained

Production Time of PVC Shutters

The shipping time of exterior PVC shutters is relatively quick. Our current production time is 4-5 weeks for all styles of outdoor PVC shutters. The shipping cost for most shutter sizes is free.

Installation of PVC Colonial Shutters

Colonial is a general category term used to describe exterior shutters that install to the side of the window opening. PVC colonial shutters can either be installed to swing open and closed or to rest in a permanent position next to the window opening. For the shutters to be operable, outdoor functional hinges are employed. One section of the hinge will attach to the building just outside of the window opening. The other portion of the hinge screws to the shutter. PVC shutters are heavier than other materials, so multiple hinges will be needed on either side of the shutter for adequate support.

Installation brackets for top and bottom of each shutter are included with every PVC shutter order. They can be utilized to install PVC shutters in a stationary location next to the window. Fixed shutters cannot articulate and remain in a static position.   

Both functional and fixed shutters can be accessorized with shutter dogs. This unique device holds operable shutters in an open position. There are various handsome designs of shutter dogs available to accent both methods of installation.

PVC Bahama Shutter Installation

Bahama shutters attach to the top of a window and open from the bottom.  A top-mounted Bahama hinge will be necessary for the installation. Shutter stays, or arms, prop the bottom of the shutter away from the building. Louvers are placed at regular intervals to allow some visibility between and still block direct sunlight from entering the home.

The Allure of Exterior PVC Shutters

Finished and installed exterior PVC shutters are practically indistinguishable from natural wood shutters. The component sizes and configuration are remarkably similar. PVC exterior shutters have passed historic building codes around the country.

Unlimited Outdoor PVC Shutter Colors

Exterior PVC shutters are painted like wood or composite materials using Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND. ShutterLand has a selection of nine standard paint colors. Those colors match the most popular colors of exterior shutters used on homes throughout the United States. In addition to the basic selections, an unlimited array of custom colors can be selected for a one-time amount of $200.

How to Measure for PVC Shutters

The original concept of exterior shutters is for them to be able to close over the window opening. PVC colonial shutters should each measure half of the window width if they will flank the area on either side. If the shutters will be functional, precise measurements are critical. Stationary shutter measurements can be more approximate. Wide windows that can not adhere to this guideline should utilize panels that simulate the appearance as closely as possible. Full measurements require time and attention to detail. Use our basic PVC shutter measuring instructions to begin.

Help with PVC Shutters

ShutterLand is the best source for exterior shutters and is here to find what is best for your home. PVC shutters may, or may not be, what is needed for your application. The ShutterLand website is specifically designed to help you determine your best exterior window shutter material. Select the appropriate style, enter some basic configurations and get an instant price for the exterior shutters. After an order is placed, we manufacture the shutters in our American facility and deliver them directly to your home.