Exterior Historic House Shutters

Buildings throughout the United States have been honored as designated historic properties. It is in the common interest that these structures be preserved for their prominent architectural significance. Meticulous maintenance requires particular processes and quality construction supplies, including historic house shutters.

White house before the installation of historic house shutters.


Exterior Shutters for Historical Homes

ShutterLand has assisted in the restoration of several historic properties. One customer in Barnstable Village, Massachusetts, has been meticulously preserving his circa 1820 home. He came to ShutterLand recently with very detailed requirements for historic house shutters. We were able to provide ample evidence that our premium wood exterior shutters would meet the approval of his local historic committee. The installation of fully functional, louvered shutters painted Black Forest Green helped restore this home to its original beauty, and the customer is very pleased. He wrote, “You guys do a great job. The house has not had exterior shutters for many years. The commission was very excited when I went to them with my plan to install functional shutters. Appreciate your help!”

Historic house with black exterior shutters and functional hardware.

Thousands of homeowners across the country can sympathize with the difficulty of finding period correct exterior shutter materials. Craftsmanship from previous generations is incredibly detailed and rarely equaled today. ShutterLand is well aware that quality is essential and works hard to maintain a high standard for every exterior window shutter ordered.

Most houses on the historic register must adhere to extremely rigid regulations, requiring oversight of every exterior (and sometimes interior) change to a home. Shutter paint colors, roof materials, and even landscaping choices are subject to scrutiny.

Advice for Historic House Shutters

Historically-accurate outdoor shutters can be difficult to find and costly to purchase. ShutterLand recognizes that period historic house shutters were crafted to perform multiple tasks. Privacy, ventilation, sunlight reduction, and protection were primary considerations in manufacturing. Most wood exterior house shutters incorporated louvers to best accomplish all of these duties. Solid panel shutters can create an even stronger barrier from invasion. Some homes in the New England states might use shutter horns or tails. Installation with functional exterior hardware is essential.