Vinyl Shutter Colors

ShutterLand offers 19 standard outdoor shutter colors. Each color is designed to coordinate with many of the popular house paint colors used today.

Select exterior vinyl shutter colors.


Colors may not display properly online.

Color samples are mailed at no charge for on-site evaluation before ordering. Select up to 4 free colors for us to send to you for review.

Colors are molded through the vinyl material for a lifetime finish. Added UV inhibitors protect against fading and discoloration of the exterior shutters.

Black shutters are the most popular, with black used as an accent color more than any other. Black is also use because it does not easily show dust and dirt. Dark brown shutters are also favored because the remain attractive with very little maintenance. Colors in the dark brown category include Sienna Brown, Chocolate Chip, and Bronze. Potters Clay and Sandalwood are light brown shutters that compliment most any base house color.

Gray shutters are safe because they will never detract from the primary paint color, which includes Dark Gray and Dove Gray. Green shutters can be used in most any region within the United States. Heritage Green, Ebony Green, Sage, and Pine Green accent neutral house colors. Blue shutters also have the ability to highlight an otherwise flat house paint scheme. Select either Bedford Blue, Colonial Blue, or Lunar Blue from the list of available outdoor shutter colors.

Red shutters are the most bold and stands out more than any other color available. We have three shades of red from which to choose, including Brick Red, Burgundy, and Cranberry.

White vinyl shutters are neutral, and will stand in contrast to a house with and outside dark paint color.

Yellow house with dark vinyl shutters on outdoor windows.

Board and batten shutters can be ordered in a combination of two colors. Combining colors make ordering one-of-a-kind shutters possible for any homeowner.

If a standard shutter color does not match your needs, ShutterLand also offers shutter panels that can be painted.

Paintable Vinyl Shutters

Only the Polystyrene paintable (#049) option can be painted. Paint will not adhere to the surface of pre-colored Polypropylene shutters. Paintable panels arrive unfinished in a pearl white color, ready to receive a prime coat and paint finish.

Vinyl Painting Instructions:

Do not expose shutters to direct sunlight before, during or immediately after painting.

*** For best results, paintable vinyl shutters should be between 60° and 90°F ***

Clean outdoor shutter panels using a mixture of ammonia and water (1 cup per gallon) or soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for one hour.

Prime shutter with a good water-based (latex) or oil base primer for use on plastic.

Apply two coats of high quality oil base or latex finish paint, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for the amount of time between coats. The paint can be applied with a brush or spray following the paint manufacturer’s guidelines.

Allow the shutters to dry four days prior to installation, especially if the shutters will be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures. This will allow the paint to fully cure.


Nancy R.

We are very pleased with the quality of our new shutters. They're well made; very solid and substantial. Much better than the cheaper vinyl shutters from Home Depot. They arrived as scheduled and the crating was very well done. No damages occurred. Having them primed at the factory is a no-brainer. We applied 2 top coats and it went on easily. We installed them using the Lexan brackets, which work very well. Communications from Shutterland was exceptional. Their website is also very well set up. It provides a lot of good information and even has a good estimating tool.

Adam D.

This was my first time using Shutterland. The company was always professional to deal with and kept me informed of the production timeline throughout the process. The shutters were extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I ordered multiple raised panel shutters in redwood wood species. The shutter quality was excellent and I would not hesitate to use them again. Shutterland has been a great company to do business with.