Decorative Exterior Vinyl Shutters

The installation of exterior vinyl shutters is an inexpensive and practical way to add instant curb appeal to your house. An easy DIY weekend project will quickly transform boring windows into dynamic points of interest. Stunning colors and handsome styles will accentuate the home and draw compliments from the neighbors. Homeowners can measure for and install low-cost exterior vinyl shutters in only a few steps, with basic tools and minimal skill.

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Vinyl shutters ship fast

Outdoor poly shutters are simple in composition and relatively straightforward to manufacture. When an order is received, the specifications are sent directly to the shop floor for production. Our standard made to order outdoor plastic shutters typically take about 1-3 weeks to assemble. Once ready, the decorative exterior vinyl shutters ship direct from our facility in Illinois to your front door.

Raised panel exterior vinyl shutters installed on brick.

Vinyl shutters price

Entry level exterior vinyl shutters are remarkably affordable. The low price of these cheap exterior shutters will save money for other home improvement efforts. Select the desired shutter style and enter requested specifications to instantly view a budget-conscious price. These economical shutters are adaptable for a wide range of homes. Also, shipping is free for most sizes!


+ Lowest priced material
+ Impervious to moisture
+ Color through material
+ Do not expand and contract
+ Low-maintenance
+ Light weight for easy installation
+ Full range of heights available
+ 19 standard colors
+ Long life expectancy
+ Spikes or screws included for installation
+ Quick 1-3 weeks production time
+ Free shipping for most sizes


– Limited widths available
– Semi-plastic looking
– Can oxidize, requiring periodic cleaning
– Cannot be installed with hinges
– Cannot be repainted to change color
– Cannot be stained
– Hollow on back

Vinyl exterior shutter styles

Select from four styles of exterior vinyl shutters.

Louvered shutters are the most popular and widely installed. This versatile design is most adaptable to a vast majority of building requirements. Louvers are set at a downward angle to shed water away from the house and give character to the panels. Space between louvers provides a realistic appearance. Customize the slats with a straight, cathedral or arch top and optional divider rail placement.

The best exterior vinyl shutters installed on brick.

Raised panel shutters are also prominent nationwide and widely installed on many home designs. Homeowners appreciate the bold presentation and simple architecture. A central flat panel tapers on the edges toward the surrounding stiles and rails.

The clean lines of board and batten outdoor vinyl shutters highlight country as well as modern homes. These decorative shutters can be ordered with closed boards or open boards that have space in between the vertical lengths.

Black vinyl exterior shutters with louvers.

The combination style couples louvers and raised panels and/or groove panel components in the same exterior shutter separated with a divider rail. Selecting a unique combination can provide a very customized look to make a home really stand out.

Vinyl shutter colors

Discover a rainbow of 19 contemporary exterior shutter colors from which to choose. Colors are molded through the material, and the surface is covered with protective enamel. The standard colors include shades of black, white, grey, green, red, blue, tan, and brown for an option that will work for almost any home’s color palette. Factory-finished plastic shutters may need an occasional cleaning to remain vibrant, but never need to be painted. If a custom color is desired, a “Paintable” color option can be purchased. Finishing instructions are provided on the colors page.

Vinyl shutter construction

Vinyl louvered exterior shutter back.

Vinyl Shutter Reverse

Outdoor vinyl shutters are shipped ready to install. The panels can feel flimsy right out of the box and may not have the rigidity one expects from composite or wood shutters. However, vinyl shutters gain immense strength and stability when they are attached to the building. Synthetic exterior window shutters are constructed in the form of a shell, with four sides and a front. The hollow back reveals an interior display of molded framework supports. The lightweight polypropylene material effortlessly lifts into position and installation can be performed by one or two people.

What is the best vinyl shutter

ShutterLand ornamental exterior vinyl shutters are constructed from injection molded polypropylene components with UV stabilizers. The parts are cut to length, then heat welded and stapled for stable cohesion. The outside surfaces have a wood grain texture to alleviate a flat and potentially reflective appearance. The material thickness is only 1/8 inch thick, yet is incredibly resilient and virtually impervious to adverse climate conditions.

Vinyl shutter installation

The best exterior vinyl shutters install with spikes or screws inserted through the face and into the siding. The spike/screw head is color coordinated so the facade is cohesive. Holes for installation are not pre-drilled, so the optimum location can be determined at the time of placement. Installation of poly shutters is appropriate on wood, vinyl, fiber cement, aluminum, stucco, brick, and hardboard.

Decorative shutters cannot be mounted with metal outdoor hinges. The lack of internal support negates the option to hinge functionally. Decorative shutters can only be affixed in an immobile permanent position.

Vinyl shutter sizes

Determine the appropriate outside shutter size by first measuring the window. Establish the overall width and height with a metal tape measure. Record the height to the closest quarter inch. Divide the width in half to achieve the desired number. Match that figure to the closest pre-established available size without exceeding the actual dimension. More complete measuring instructions are offered for greater precision.

Vinyl shutter designs closely resemble the look of operable historic shutters, but they may not achieve the same look and feel. Wood or composite shutters will always offer a wider variety of size options and a more authentic appearance. Still, vinyl can be a good option for a large number of homes if the sizes match well or if approximate sizes are acceptable.

Vinyl shutters are offered in a set of pre-established widths and a range of heights in quarter inch increments. Sizes are nominal, and the actual width received may vary by 1/4 inch more or less than ordered. The actual height will be within 1/8 inch of the size ordered.

Buy vinyl shutters

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. The ShutterLand team is ready to assist you make the best exterior shutter purchase. We realize that each application is unique and may necessitate special attention. If you need help selection exterior shutter material, determining style, or measuring size, please do not hesitate to contact us.