Exterior Black Shutters on Your House

Are you looking for a reason not to order exterior black shutters? The color is just to common and overused, right?

You’re not alone. Many homeowners have struggled to find an alternative to basic black because it is ubiquitous. They spend hours trying to find just the right hue to formulate a unique personalized palette, only to return to black. Let’s look at all of the reasons why black shutters are so popular and why you should consider installing black shutters on your house.

Exterior black shutters installed on a yellow house.

Everyone knows the expression “<Blank> is the new black.” Complete that sentence with any color imaginable; orange, green, red, white, blue, yellow, pink, purple. Notice how the saying always starts in relation to black. There is no substitute for the universal base standard. Black will always be the pinnacle for which every other color is judged. It’s the most requested and popular of all exterior shutter colors.

Black House or Accent Color

Black is employed for a multitude of symbolic reasons. It is the color of death, mourning, witches, and bad guys. But it has also been widely used to represent power, solemnity, authority, and humility. A black dress or tuxedo can be worn to convey formality or elegance. Yet a pure black house would feel overbearing and austere, and is rarely done successfully. For most building applications, black should be limited to small surfaces to accentuate the primary color. It is the ultimate accent color to unite the front door, window shutters and garage doors.

Louvered black shutters installed on exterior windows.

The color white is the reflection of light, while black is the absence of it. As a result, black also becomes hot very quickly in direct sunlight. Functional black shutters in a closed position over a window opening can actually work counterproductively by heating the home instead of providing relief from the sun. There may be some concern that black paint may blister or peel in extreme temperatures. Application of high quality outdoor grade paint on smooth primed surfaces results in an extended life cycle without the aforementioned symptoms.

Painting Black Shutters

Wood and composite shutters can be ordered unfinished, just primed, or fully factory painted. Treatment of a base prime coat is essential to the sealing of fibers and providing an intermediary for best paint adhesion. The top coat paint can be applied with a spray gun or brush. When administered with a sprayer, paint is typically smoother and more uniform. Paint brushes can leave uneven pools or drips, and distinct brush strokes are often apparent. Black is the best color to conceal these minor imperfections for the DIY homeowner.

Black is obviously the darkest of all colors. Shadows blend with a black finish and hide, or deemphasize, dents or scratches accrued from exposure to natural elements. Black paint helps camouflage dust and dirt that settles on the surface.

Install Black Shutters on Your House

Exterior black shutters have the ability to appear bold without being the center of attention. They certainly contribute to the curb appeal, but generally don’t dominate the landscape. Homeowners rarely install windows shutters intending them to be the main attraction. Good exterior design draws the eye from the edges to the front door or entry point. The use of bright, unique, and sometimes obnoxious shutter colors may actually detract from the overall plan.

Installing black shutters on the house is not trendy or a fleeting fad. They have been used for centuries on every home style imaginable. The paint color black is timeless, classic, and will never go out of style. Modern homes and new construction welcome black shutters that provide contrast, depth, and balance to a structure. Historic homes and farmhouses can be transformed and revitalized with black replacement shutters.

Exterior black shutters on a white house.

The most prominent combination of house colors is the very iconic white siding with black outdoor shutters. Homes throughout the south feature this brilliant pairing. Houses in the northeast famously install black exterior shutters on brick. Both of these styles have been adopted by others throughout the United States. In fact, the use of outdoor black shutters transcends both home style and location. The use of black accents on beige, gray, yellow, and stone houses can complete a cohesive presentation. Despite the surrounding color, black shutters are bound to be great for resale.

Benjamin Moore Black (PM-9) and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black are the two most favored standard painted shutter colors. While not exact, they are very similar in tone. Some of the most popular black colors from other paint manufacturers include the following.

  • Behr Black
  • Dunn-Edwards Black
  • Farrow & Ball Pitch Black
  • Glidden Onyx Black
  • PPG Black Magic
  • Valspar Dark Kettle Black

Black Shutter Alternatives

But just like white, there are countless variations of black. A very dark green has been used historically in southern states. Known to some as Charleston Green, this almost black color was created during Reconstruction following the Civil War. According to legend, Charleston residents rejected the black paint provided by Union troops by tinting it with yellow and green. The widely used color is similar to the standard color Black Forest Green available from ShutterLand. Green shutters in recent years are once again surging as a popular alternative to black.

We suggest you check out these other adaptations.

  • Behr Black Suede
  • Behr Sorcerer
  • Behr Totally Black
  • Benjamin Moore Black Beauty
  • Benjamin Moore Black Panther
  • Benjamin Moore Carbon Copy
  • Benjamin Moore French Beret
  • Benjamin Moore Midnight Oil
  • Benjamin Moore Onyx
  • Benjamin Moore Soot
  • Benjamin Moore Space Black
  • Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron
  • Farrow & Ball Off Black
  • Farrow & Ball Railings
  • Sherwin Williams Black Magic
  • Sherwin Williams Bohemian Black
  • Valspar New Black

Buy Exterior Black Shutters

Black shutters are currently and will remain the favored selection by American homeowners and ShutterLand customers. ShutterLand provides a variety of style, colors and material options. If black still is not your preference, view tips on selecting the most popular exterior shutter colors.