Exterior American Shutters

Homes across the country utilize exterior shutters. Most are made in the United States, but many are imported from other nations. Here is why it is important to purchase true exterior American shutters.

American exterior shutters for windows made in the USA.

Important Factors of Exterior American Shutters

A manufacturing facility located in the United States allows for full authority over all aspects of production. Homeowners, justifiably, have greater confidence in the end product. Companies who outsource production of exterior shutters for windows to other countries (such as China or Mexico) can suffer disconnect between administration and manufacturing. Often, pre-made panels are constructed internationally, imported, stored in a warehouse, then trimmed to size after an order is received, resulting in inconsistent components and inferior, unstable panels.


A knowledgeable, friendly, available customer support staff will be happy to discuss your specific exterior American shutters. You may discover outdoor shutters for windows produced off-shore have limited support, a call center that is not located in the United States, or disinterested individuals. Communication is essential to receiving the best possible exterior window shutters.


American shutters manufactured nationally can be made to order, and shipped directly to your door in a timely manner. Exterior shutters from foreign nations must be quickly fabricated by unskilled underpaid labor, then transported to the local affiliate. Shutters that arrive failing to meet customer expectation (i.e. shipping damage) can be quickly repaired or remade by a United States company. The replacement of international panels can trigger an indefinite cycle of unsatisfactory goods.

Black exterior American shutters on the porch with an American flag.
Exterior American shutters are proudly made in the USA!

Cost of American Exterior Shutters

The largest cost of a composite or exterior wood shutters obtained from an international source is transportation and import taxes. Manufacturing of shutters is commonly outsourced because labor and materials are cheaper than in the United States. The physical product received is a small portion of what is purchased. Even with shipping costs, foreign shutters can often be sold at a price point slightly lower than exterior American shutters.


Strict United States manufacturing and painting regulations ensures that American products are safe for you and your family. American products will not contain lead or any other hazardous ingredients. The construction conditions of facilities outside of our shores is often unregulated.


Your purchase of American made exterior shutters for windows will make a very small impact on the greater economy. But Americans as a whole supporting companies that employ fellow fairly-compensated American workers will make a difference. Please join us in supporting American-made products.

American exterior shutters for windows.

ShutterLand exterior shutters are entirely made in the United States of America. All of our American shutters are constructed from wood harvested locally and composite components produced in the USA. We do not import components or fully assembled panels from other countries, which is far too frequent in the industry. Discover why ShutterLand is the most reliable national exterior shutter retailer.