Combo Exterior Wooden Shutters

  • Redwood exterior shutter wiht louvers on the top and raised panel bottom.
  • Combination Redwood exterior shutter with louvers and raised panel.
  • Redwood exterior window shutters for outside.
  • Wooden Cedar exterior shutters made with cedar louvers and composite raised panel.
  • Combination Cedar exterior shutter with louvers and raised panel.
  • Custom combo cedar exterior window shutters.

Combination wooden shutters incorporate two iconic features into one impeccable style. Louvers pair with either raised or groove panels for the ultimate customized exterior shutter. Originating in the Northeast, combination shutters have spread to all regions to adorn and beautify homes throughout the United States. All outdoor shutters are constructed to precise quarter-inch width and height dimensions. Additional options can further personalize the combo exterior shutters: wood species, divider rail location, configuration, faux tilt bars, cutouts, and color.

Measure for exterior shutters.


Learn the best way to measure for premium wood shutters with step-by-step written instruction and supporting video. We guide you through the measuring process and help to determine the best method for installation of stationary and functional exterior redwood, mahogany, or cedar shutters.

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Manufacture time for exterior shutters.


ShutterLand solid premium wood exterior shutters currently require approximately 3-4 weeks to manufacture. The production period may vary, depending on a number of factors. We do not guarantee production or shipping times.

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Delivery and shipping of exterior shutters.


Shipping is FREE for most shutters. We ship all wood exterior shutters from our manufacturing facility in Alabama. We generally ship using UPS or FedEx Ground, resulting in a shipping period under one week.

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10 – 32″ in ¼″ increments (W)


15 – 108″ in ¼″ increments (H)

Side Stiles

2 ⅛″ wide (S)
1 ½″ thick (T)

Top Rail

3″ height (TR)
*Larger height on request
1 ½″ thick (T)

Divider Rail

3″ height (DR)
*Larger height on request
1 ½″ thick (T)
Division Point Location (DP):
Bottom of shutter to center of divider

Bottom Rail

3” height (BR)
*Larger height on request
1 ½″ thick (T)


1 ½” louvers (L1)
¼” thick (L2)
Spaced on 1 ½” centers (L3)
Fixed 17° angle (L4)
316” space between louvers

Calculate number
Raised Panel

Extira Exterior Grade MDF
⅝” thick raised panel (RP)
¼″ thick outside edge (OE)
1 ⅜” wide beveled edge @ 11° (BE)
Flat on back of shutter

Grooved Panel

Extira Exterior Grade MDF
⅝” thick (GP)
2 grooves for widths 12” to 17 ¾”
3 grooves for widths 18” to 23 ¾”
4 grooves for widths 24” to 32”
Flat on back of shutter

Weight Calculate weight
Combo exterior wooden shutters width and height.



California Redwood
Western Red Cedar
African Mahogany

with Extira composite panels

Finish & Colors

Standard paint (9 colors)*
Custom color ($100 match)*
*Touch-up paint included
Primed only
Unfinished – Paint Grade
Not stainable


Louvers top, Raised Panel bottom
Louvers top, Grooved Panel bottom
Raised Panel top, Louvers bottom
Grooved Panel top, Louvers bottom
Faux tilt bar
Shape cutout in solid panel
Arch top left
Arch top right


All solid components
Joints secured with:
2 ½” wood dowels
Polyurethane exterior glue
& 3 ½” threaded screws

Production Time

Approximately 3-4 weeks

Warranty Limited lifetime


Stationary Shutters
Functional Shutters


Stationary Shutters
Functional Shutters

Not Included
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Combination Exterior Shutters Woods

Combination wood exterior shutters are manufactured in three species: California Redwood, Western Red Cedar, and African Mahogany. All three woods perform exceptionally well in outdoor environments. Combo outside shutters are made to quarter-inch sizes and options specified. The construction process starts with raw lumber, hand selected to be straight and free of knots. Stiles and rails are 1 ½” thick, assembled with reinforced joints. 1 ½” fixed louvers are spaced on 1 ½” centers with space in between for ventilation. Grooved, raised and flat panel components are fabricated from our rugged composite material for reliable performance.

Combo Shutter Configurations

The most common configuration of combination shutters places louvers above the divider rail and a raised panel below. This sophisticated mix is true to historical standards and conforms to Northeastern architecture. Opting for louvers over a grooved panel conveys a more rustic appeal, giving tribute to the board and batten style. Louvers in tandem with a flat panel is more contemporary in presentation. Combination shutters can be ordered with louvers on bottom with the solid panel on top. This arrangement is used occasionally, but can appear top heavy. The divider rail can be specified at a custom location at no additional charge by measuring from the bottom of the shutter to the center of the divider.

Install Wood Shutters

Exterior wood shutters can be installed with hinges to swing open and closed, or mounted with screws in a stationary position. Closed shutters will block some light because of the solid panels, but will still allow air to circulate throughout the house.

Window Shutter Colors

ShutterLand wood combination shutters can be ordered unfinished, primed or fully painted. Unfinished shutters provide DIY homeowners the ability to finish themselves. Primed shutters arrive with half of the finishing work complete and ready to paint. Factory painted shutters are delivered for immediate installation. Select from nine standard paint colors, or unlimited custom colors. There is a one-time fee of $100 per order to specify a color outside of those in stock. Touch-up paint is provided for every order.

Combo Shutter Modifications

Add a faux tilt bar to give the presentation of operable rotating louvers. This additional feature is desirable in some regions with historical homes or those adhering to local preservation society regulations. Cutouts in the solid panels can personalize the window shutters with shapes like anchors, flowers, pineapples, and more. Arch top shutters are crafted to mirror the contours of curve top windows. The radius and drop of the curve requires a springline measurement that defines the slope.

A modification of lengthing the side stiles to create New England style shutter horns or tails can also be requested.

Combo wood shutters currently require about 3-4 weeks to manufacture. After the custom exterior shutters are complete, they will be shipped straight to your front door.

Outdoor shutters with only louvers, raised panels, or grooved panels are available as well.

Home Improvement with Shutters

Combination shutters will improve both the form and function of your home. Louvers and solid panels provide different textures and can be used to add color to accent the home.

ShutterLand customer service is available by phone for questions about any aspect of combination shutters or other styles. We have a knowledgeable and experience staff that is prepared for any inquiries about components, measuring, installation, finishing, styles, and more.

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Neil S.

I had a question about priming the shutters and your representative, Jack, gave me a very quick and useful response on just how to prime and paint exterior shutters. In addition, they arrived exactly on schedule and were very well and carefully made. Thanks.

John Z.

We are pleased with the quality, pricing and results achieved with the shutters. Of note, unfortunately we were not aware of your site and ordered several replacement shutters years ago at pricing almost doubled of yours. We would recommend your product to others given its overall quality. All in all a simple painless process.