Economy Pine Louvered Shutters

  • Pine unfinished louvered shutter with divider rail
  • Economy wooden louvered Pine shutters shown at a tilt.
    Pine unfinished louvered shutter with divider rail
  • Outside louvered pine shutters for for house exteriors.
    Pine unfinished louvered shutter zoom view
  • Wood Pine economy arch top shutters with louvers.
    Pine unfinished louvered arch top shutter
  • Builder grade wood shutters with louvers and tilt bar.
    Pine unfinished louvered shutter with divider rail & tilt bar
  • Builder grade wood louvered shutters without a divider rail for windows.
    Pine unfinished louvered shutter without divider rail
  • Louvered green pine shutters installed on outside windows.
    Installed Pine painted louvered shutters

Pine louvered shutters are among the most popular exterior home enhancements, adding depth, dimension, color and function to homes of all styles. The most cost-conscious material option for wooden louvered shutters is Southern Yellow Pine. All ShutterLand exterior shutters are built with the same professional craftsmanship and attention to detail. However, Pine is an entry-level wood deficient in some of the strong weather resistant properties of our standard wood louvered shutters. Pine Louvered shutters do have a predictably shorter life expectancy because the material tends to expand and contract more than other woods. Still, they are a great economical option to spruce up a home’s exterior.

After assisting thousands of homeowners with their exterior shutter decision, we strive to provide all the information you need to make an informed choice. Find all of the specifications for economy Pine louvered shutters below to determine if they are the right selection for your project.

Top ProfileCustomize
Divider RailCustomize
Tilt BarCustomize
Per Shutter: $0
Total Price: $0
Western Red Cedar Free shipping on most sizes
Western Red Cedar Production time: Approximately 4-6 weeks

Measure for exterior shutters.


Learn the best way to measure for outdoor economy pine shutters with step-by-step written instruction and supporting video. We guide you through the measuring process and help to determine the best method for installation of stationary and functional exterior shutters.

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Manufacture time for exterior shutters.


ShutterLand economy pine exterior window shutters currently require approximately 6-9 weeks to manufacture. The production period may vary, depending on a number of factors. We do not guarantee production or shipping times.

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Delivery and shipping of exterior shutters.


Shipping is FREE for most shutters. We ship all pine economy shutters from our manufacturing facility in Alabama. We generally ship using UPS or FedEx Ground, resulting in a shipping period under one week.

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10 – 32″ in ¼″ increments (W)


15 – 108″ in ¼″ increments (H)

Side Stiles

2 ⅛″ wide (S)
1″ thick (T)

Top Rail

3 ½″ height (TR)
1″ thick (T)

Divider Rail

3 ½″ height (DR)
1″ thick (T)
Optional – Required over 70″
Division Point (DP):
Bottom of shutter to center of divider

Second divider rail available

Bottom Rail

3 – 5” height (BR)

Calculate size

1″ thick (T)


1 ¾” louvers (L1)
¼” thick (L2)
Spaced on 1 ¾” centers (L3)
Fixed 17° angle (L4)
316” space between louvers

Calculate number

Faux tilt bar optional (+$)

Weight Calculate weight
Louvered wood pine exterior shutter specs.


Material Kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine
Finish & Colors

Standard paint (9 colors)*
Custom color ($120 match)*
*Touch-up paint included
Primed only
Unfinished – Paint Grade
Unfinished – Stain Grade

Top Options

Arch top left
Arch top right


All solid components
Joints secured with:
2 ½” wood dowels
Polyurethane exterior glue
& 3 ½” threaded screws

Back Strap

Panels wider than 23 ½” require a vertical wood strap on the back to maintain louver alignment.

Production Time

Approximately 6-9 weeks

Warranty Limited lifetime


Stationary Shutters
Functional Shutters


Stationary Shutters
Functional Shutters

Not Included
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Construction of Louvered Pine Shutters

ShutterLand begins with straight lengths of Southern Yellow Pine wood that is carefully selected to be 99.9% knot free. The raw wood has a golden sheen and beautiful distinctive wood grain pattern. It is dried in a kiln to eliminate moisture, resulting in a very stable product. From there, individual louvers are milled to a 1 ¾ inch width, and stiles and rails to a 1 inch thickness. Joints are secured with wood dowels, polyurethane exterior glue and 3 ½ inch threaded screws. Pine custom exterior shutters are assembled together with louvers spaced on 1 ¾ inch centers.

When wood shutters are installed to be functional, the fixed louvers should orient down and away from the building when closed to direct water away from the window. Conversely, the louvers are positioned up when rotated to the side of the window. The shutters can be flipped if it is desired to install opposite of standard in a stationary location.

Choose a faux vertical tilt bar to increase the appearance of movable rotating louvers. The tilt bar is a narrow vertical wood apparatus that interconnects the louvers. It is secured with small nails and wood glue. By default, the tilt bar is attached to the shutter side with downward facing louvers. You will need to specify if it is necessary to modify the tilt bar to be fastened to the side with louvers pointing up.

Louvered Pine shutters are manufactured with 2 1/8” wide side stiles and top and divider rails at 3 ½” height.  The bottom rail size is variable between 3 – 5” height in order to accommodate louver spacing for the window shutter height desired. Use the tool above to show the louver count along with the bottom rail size that will result from any given shutter height. In many cases, the rail sizes can be made larger than the standard heights on request.

Louvered Pine Shutter Finishes

ShutterLand sells louvered Pine shutters in several finishing options based on your needs – unfinished, factory primed, and factory painted.

While Southern Yellow Pine is a beautiful wood in its natural state, it does not weather the elements well without adequate protection from moisture. Unfinished shutters should be properly finished if they are to be used outside. They can be stained and sealed for a natural look, although the finish will require inspection and follow-up on a regular basis to ensure water cannot penetrate the finish. If you prefer to paint them yourself, we recommend a light sanding, followed by primer and two coats of a high-quality exterior grade paint.

Primed Pine shutters are a great option for homeowners who may be painting other exterior elements at the same time. ShutterLand can factory prime Pine louvered shutters with a PPG Seal Grip acrylic universal primer/sealer in a medium gray color. After receiving primed shutters, we recommend sanding with 220 grit sandpaper and wiping the dust clear before painting two coats of premium exterior paint.

Consider that it can be especially difficult to adequately sand and obtain complete coverage of primer and paint on louvered shutters because of the many angles inherent in the design. It may be well worth the investment to have the shutters professionally painted for a longer-lasting life of the finish.

Factory painted Pine shutters give home owners the easiest and most uniform coverage right from the start. After priming the shutters, two coats of PPG Break-Through paint are professionally sprayed on for uniform coverage. The paint we use is a satin finish, which offers the best sheen for outside installations.

ShutterLand offers nine standard colors that match popular Benjamin Moore paint colors, and these meet the needs of most homeowners. If a different color is needed, we can mix and prepare a custom color to match any home. Simply provide the paint manufacturer, color name and color code for our shop to make a custom match. There is a one-time charge of $120 for each custom color specified.

Options for Pine Louvered Shutters

A variety of options exist to personalize your Pine exterior wooden shutters. ShutterLand offers arch top shutters for windows with a curved top. One or two divider rails can be selected to separate the louvered areas. A faux tilt bar is an option to simulate the appearance of movable louvers, especially on historic homes. Shutter horns or tails can be incorporated for a uniquely New England style shutter look.

Whatever size, finish and extra options you choose, ShutterLand will make exterior shutters to your specifications and ship directly to the address provided. Allow about 6-9 weeks , with a few extra days for priming or painting.

Our Pine louvered shutters offer a great value for a custom-made wood product that will greatly enhance the appearance of your home. ShutterLand staff is experienced and helpful; please contact us with any questions you may have!

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Thank you so much. My wife was blown-away at how nice they look and the color is a perfect complement to our new concrete-fiber siding. They were pricey but the size match and look was well worth it. I'll recommend your shop for anyone I know looking for quality shutters.


My experience was great. Thanks.