How to Shop for Exterior Shutters

Shopping for exterior shutters can be daunting. Many homeowners begin the process at the local big box store only to discover the selection is limited and the employees unhelpful. ShutterLand steps into that process by assisting you find just the right outdoor shutters for your specific project.

Exterior wood open louvered shutters installed on a white house.

We begin with one simple question:

What is your primary concern when purchasing exterior shutters?

Shop Exteriors Shutters by Price

The biggest consideration in any purchase is price. Fiscally responsible households naturally want to spend the least amount possible to acquire goods they need. Exterior shutters are offered in a wide range of prices in accordance with construction material. Vinyl shutters are the cheapest. Economy wood shutters constructed out of pine are the next level up. Composite shutters occupy the middle price range with premium wood shutters at the top. Get a quick online price quote for exterior shutters by navigating to the page displaying your desired style and material.

Find Exterior Shutters by Value

Shopping for exterior shutters based on value takes both price and quality into consideration. The best value shutters are often not the cheapest. We believe composite shutters are a great balance between durability and affordability without sacrificing appearance.

Select by Exterior Shutter Style

Style is the leading consideration when purchasing for presentation. Personal preference or home design can dictate the most appropriate composition. There are seven major shutter styles from which to choose.

Evaluate the Best Exterior Shutter Material

Shopping for outdoor shutters based on construction material is a great place to start. We do recommend considering at least one other material option for a full comparison. The best shutter material for your application typically depends on the architectural structure to which it will be installed.

If you are still unsure about material, it may be beneficial to compare vinyl to wood shutters, wood to composite shutters, or composite to vinyl shutters.

Choose Exterior Shutters for Function

Operable shutters swing open and closed to cover the window. Wood and PVC shutters are the only two materials that can hinge to the window to achieve functionality. Both materials are solid and have the rigidity necessary to self support. Louvered shutters have detail on both sides, while solid paneled shutters have less detail and board and batten shutters are flat.

Composite shutters cannot be hinged, but are considerably heavier and require at least one additional support. They also have no detail on the back. Vinyl shutters do not have a back and are hollow, so they must be permanently attached to the building.

Shop Exterior Shutters by Color

To begin shopping for exterior shutters by color is probably the least effective method. Exterior shutters are sold in a full range of standard and custom colors. It may be better to start the process by choosing the style or material and your desired color will be available. Vinyl shutter colors are the most limited. There are 19  standard vinyl colors and a version that can be painted after receipt. There are nine standard paint colors for wood and composite shutters and an unlimited selection of custom colors.

Buy External Shutters for Availability

All ShutterLand shutters are built to order. We do not keep stock shutters to ship fast on demand. Production and delivery times are updated daily for and accurate projection of completion. Manufacturing periods may be quicker during the winter months, and production time varies by shutter material selected.

Purchase Exterior Shutters for Life Expectancy

ShutterLand exterior shutters are designed and fabricated for the outdoors. Our shutters have been installed in every state and every climate region of the United States. Exterior shutters must be constructed to endure extreme sunlight, humidity fluctuation, torrential rain, snow, sleet and ice. Composite is the most durable material of our lineup, but all will provide years of service.

Find Exterior Shutters for Historical Accuracy

Many homes are located in historic districts or have owners who wish to maintain the authenticity of the original design. We take great pride in recognizing the attention to detail that is necessary for historical replacement shutters. Wood is highly recommended, and the use of outside shutter hardware increases the authenticity of replacement historical shutters.

Look for Outdoor Shutters with Little Maintenance

All exterior shutters require some level of regular maintenance. A periodic washing removes settled dust and debris to return the shutter to its original luster. Painted shutters sould be inspected once a year for a deteriorating finish. Higher quality paint extends the period before reapplication is necesary. Vinyl shutters technically need the least amount of attention, but wood and composite shutters are both highly resiliant.

Shop Exterior Shutters for Storm Protection

Hurricane shutters are designed to protect the window from high winds, rain and flying debris. Functional wood and composite shutters offer a degree of defense, but are not rated or approved to shield against tropical storms.

Shopping for Outside Shutters

The process of buying exterior shutters can be difficlut. ShutterLand has assisted thousands of homeowners find the best exterior shutters for their homes. We can help you too.