Most Weather-Resistant Shutters

ShutterLand weather-resistant shutters have been installed on hundreds of buildings throughout the United States. Houses, churches, and hotels from Key West, Florida to Northern Alaska have enlisted ShutterLand exterior shutters for dependable service. Perhaps the most impressive of all structures is the Esopus Meadows Lighthouse.

Since 1871 this prestigious New York lighthouse has faithfully warned mariners of treacherous mud flats in the middle of the Hudson River. An octagonal light tower sits 53 feet above the mean water line and is visible up to 12 nautical miles. The property was tended by a resident caretaker until 1965, at which point the lighthouse began to fall into disrepair.

Green exterior weather-resistant shutters installed on a lighthouse in the Hudson River.

A small dedicated group of volunteers undertook the arduous task of restoring the structure in 1990. The lighthouse now stands as a fully restored beautiful landmark. In fact, the lighthouse is listed on the American National Register of Historic Places and offers tours to the public.

What are the Most Weather-Resistant Shutters

Impact rated exterior hurricane shutters that can protect from high winds and flying debris are naturally the most weather-resistant. Aluminum shutters are the only outdoor shutters that fall into this category. Most regions of the country are not subject to tropical storms, making hurricane shutters overkill. Non-impact rated aluminum shutters are available for those looking for the look of a modern coastal shutter. This version is still very strong and resistant to temperature fluctuation and elevated moisture content.

For homes not along the coast, PVC shutters are a perfect solution for ultra-durable exterior window coverings. This solid material is engineered for strength and longevity. All styles of outdoor PVC shutters closely replicate historic wood shutters. PVC shutters can hinge to swing open and closed for the most authentic installation.

Composite shutters are virtually impervious to moisture penetration. They have an exceptional life expectancy and look great. The price point for composite shutters is lower than aluminum, PVC and wood.

Preserving with Weather-Resistant Shutters

Ongoing preservation prompted the lighthouse committee to seek historically accurate exterior weather-resistant shutters. They knew the exterior shutters installed on the lighthouse would need to be both attractive and durable. The Hudson Valley lighthouse is subject to freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, driving rain, saltwater, unimpeded sunlight, and high winds. In the summer of 2018, louvered premium wood shutters were ordered and delivered.

Barbara Ralston, President of the Esopus Meadows Lighthouse wrote, “The wood exterior shutters arrived yesterday and they are GORGEOUS! They are extremely well made, even better than the first floor shutters we had made years ago!

They are so solid and smooth, no extra finishing needed. Now, to get them painted and hung on the lighthouse before the end of the season. (If the rain ever stops!)

Thank you again for all of your help! I am thrilled beyond expectation at your company’s product and will recommend you to fellow restoration professionals here in the Hudson River Valley. It is not often a company delivers on a promise. Well done!”

It was an honor for ShutterLand to be involved in such a gallant restoration of this beautiful historic lighthouse. We anticipate the exterior weather-resistant shutters will provide reliable performance for many years to come.

While premium wood shutters are extremely durable, PVC exterior shutters offer the ultimate solution. These weather-resistant shutters are impervious to moisture and are designed for any climate.