Shutter Screws & Spikes

  • Vinyl shutter spike for installation.
  • Shutter screw for vinyl shutters.
  • Install vinyl shutters with exterior spikes.
  • Exterior vinyl house shutters combination style installed.

Shutters screws and spikes are used to install vinyl exterior shutters. Screws secure the shutters to soft siding, like wood. Spikes will hold vinyl shutters to solid surfaces, like brick.

This pack of twelve (12) is enough to install one pair of shutters.

Screws: $9 per pack
Spikes: $7 per pack




Length: 2 5/8″


Length: 2 7/8″

Shutters screws and spikes for installation of vinyl exterior shutters.



12 Spikes in per package

Spike Material

Polypropylene (all colors)
Polystyrene (paintable version)

Screw Material



19 Standard colors
1 Paintable finish

Install with Screws
with Spikes
Accessories Faux exterior shutter hardware
Install faux hardware

Sold only in conjunction
with vinyl shutters –
not as a standalone item
Not returnable


Karen R.

I have an older home and wanted to keep the authentic look of raised panel outside shutters. The original wood shutters had been painted numerous times and were rotten at the hinges and joints. I tried to repair them, but couldn't get them to look very good. I ordered your shutters (with a bit of healthy skepticism, I might add). Your outdoor shutters are great and they look as carefully crafted as the originals. I'll be back to order more. Thanks!

Mark G.

Very satisfactory experience with your company. Well made shutters and good service. Thanks!