Inspiration: Exterior Shutters in Switzerland

Shutters have been used on homes in Switzerland for generations. Because of the harsh winters and mild summers, exterior wood shutters are almost always a functional necessity. In the closed position, shutters block glass windows from bitter wind and blowing snow. When fastened back on more temperate days, they allow open windows to capture breezes for natural ventilation in homes that traditionally don’t have air conditioning. Enjoy these beautiful images of a variety of shutters found in the Swiss Alps.

Swiss chalet with green louvered shutters

A traditional Swiss chalet with wood paneling, green louvered shutters and bright red flowers in the window boxes. Iconic!

Raised panel shutters with fleur de lis cutouts in Switzerland.

These green raised panel shutters on a more formal building incorporate unique fleur-de-lis cut outs, occasionally found on French shutters, to complement the other architectural details surrounding the windows.

Louvered shutters on a Swiss cafe.

Simple black louvered shutters demonstrate unique shutter tie-backs located close to the window opening outside this Swiss cafe. These outdoor black shutters are stacked with multiple panels so they can cover a wider opening. This popular style is common throughout Europe and around the world.

Swiss chateau with outdoor shutters installed on the window.

This Swiss chateau near vineyards at the foothills of the Alps utilizes window shutters on just the second and third stories.

Green combination arch top shutters on Swiss hotel with louvers and flat panels.

The unique arched shutters on this hotel in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland combine raised panels and louvers with the mullions carefully placed to line up with the window sections.

Unique yellow and black striped shutters in Switzerland

This building with its caution-tape painted shutters is definitely an attention grab. Perhaps it’s not worthy of repeating elsewhere, but it is a memorable use of paint on outside shutters.

Board and batten shutters in Swiss Alps

The forest green shutters are just right on this large off-white building. They are a rustic type of board and batten shutter with uniquely placed battens to give it a time-tested appearance.

Closeup of Swiss Alpine home with green shutters

This charming chalet with its warm wood grain paneling is brought to life with its cheery pop of color. The bright green louvered shutters pull everything together for a perfect finish.

Rustic shutter in Swiss mountain village

Roughly hewn wood from local forests didn’t have far to travel when this unique structure was built. The old rustic shutter closing a side entrance is purely functional, but also beautiful with its natural wood grain and rugged homemade hinges and latch.

Green shutters with Swiss cross cutouts

More green shutters on natural wood siding. This lodge in the Alps represents its surroundings perfectly with the Swiss cross cutouts in each board and batten shutter.