Outdoor German Shutters for Inspiration

The observation of outdoor German shutters and architecture is fascinating. Often the buildings are painted with depictions of lifestyle, traditions, folklore or beliefs. The exterior shutters are both decorative and practical for day-to-day living.

Exterior German shutters at the base of  Neuschwanstein Castle.

Many of the exterior shutters in Germany are solid raised panel or board and batten. The paint color of the shutters is often green with accent colors to enhance the character of the building.

Green raised panel German shutters with red accents.
Green raised panel Bavarian shutters.

Cutouts of various shapes on solid panel shutters are more frequently used in Europe as yet another design element to enhance homes or commercial buildings.

Beautiful painted board and batten shutters in Germany.
Exterior gold shutters on building in Europe.

Instead of separate paneled areas, paint is occasionally used on shutters in Bravaria to create the illusion of raised surfaces on flat panels.

German chateau with green shutters and flower boxes.
Green with white window shutters in Bavaria, Germany.

Combination shutters with louvers on top and a solid panel area below mirror the mullions in the windows and allow for complete privacy when in the closed position.

Solid German shutters on large white house.
Mural painting with board and batten shutters with cutouts on a German building.

A long row of homes and shops can be differentiated by paint color, rooflines and different styles and colors of shutters to provide variety and display an authentic streetscape. This is a similar approach to shutters in France or shutters in Switzerland.

German street adorned with painted exterior window shutters.
Rustic building in Germany  with functional exterior shutters.

Some of the exterior shutters are louvered and often functional to let a breeze through the building on temperate days.

Large home in Germany with arch top louvered outdoor shutters.

Inspiration from European countries and different historical periods can often help inform modern design choices in the United States. These homes, hotels and restaurants from Germany provide many examples of shutters that have stood the test of time.