ShutterLand Photos

ShutterLand customers, easily receive a $30 Amazon gift card by sending a photograph of your completed work.

Digital exterior shutters pictures for contest.


📷 Send the following to [email protected].

1. A picture, or pictures, which incorporate installed ShutterLand exterior shutters. Please send uncropped photographs in digital JPEG format with a minimum size of 1,200 pixel wide if a horizontal image (preferred) or 1,200 tall if a vertical image.

2. Name, address, email address, phone number, and ShutterLand order number (if known).

3. A brief description of your experience with the company and product.

Sending a photo grants ShutterLand a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, reproduce and create derivative works of the photograph(s).


Customers who submit photographs in the appropriate format will be sent a $30 electronic gift card to Amazon. Only one award will be offered per individual ShutterLand order. Photographs that are determined to be unacceptable for any reason (overexposed, low resolution, ect.) are not eligible for a gift card.

Exterior Shutter Photo Tips:

1. Use a standard digital camera attached to a tripod to stabilize for best results. Mobile devices and cell phones do not generally provide the best resolution and final results.

2. Take multiple exterior shutter photos using different settings at multiple angles. Select the best composition(s). You may want to take one up close and one of the whole property.

3. Take pictures in the early evening, morning, or on a cloudy day when outside light is dimmer and not at the most intense. Make sure the sun is not shining directly on the camera lens.

4. Full wide-angle scenes are generally more compelling than close-ups. Allow the view to include the exterior shutters in context of the house.

5. Avoid Halloween or any other seasonal decorations.

Thank you for your help!