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Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are solid wood (Basswood), sold as individual window shutter panels. Plantation shutters and Traditional shutters are manufactured direct in hundreds of sizes and sold at a discount compared to custom made wood interior shutters. ShutterLand wooden indoor shutters are built to last the lifetime of your house. Interior budget shutters come unfinished and ready to paint or stain, so you can match the colors of your windows inside your house. Many standard shutter sizes are in stock for immediate shipping direct to your front door, and even made-to-order wood shutter panels ship quickly. ShutterLand offers the perfect solution for inexpensive interior window shutters you can order online and install yourself on your window.

Traditional and Plantation Wood Indoor Shutters

Traditional shutters (sometimes known as colonial style) have 1-1/4 inch wide movable louvers. These interior window shutters are commonly used indoor for colonial (or traditional) style American houses. Order cafe shutters to cover the lower portion of your window for a quaint cozy cottage look and feel. Double tier shutters can be ordered to cover both the top and bottom of a window. This will allow you to open the top shutters for light, and keep the bottom panels closed for privacy. The louvers are tensioned to stay in the desired position and do not need adjustment or maintenance.

Plantation shutters have 3 inch wide movable louvers. Generally more contemporary in design, the versatility of plantation interior wood shutters allows them to be used in almost any window inside almost any house. The plantation style allows for more visibility through the louvers, and allows you to keep the panels closed more of the time. Plantation louvers are also tensioned to stay in the selected position. Plantation shutters may also be configured as cafe type units or double tier units.

ShutterLand offers the most affordable solid wood shutters available. Because ShutterLand interior shutters are sold as individual panels, they may require trimming to fit the intended window. However, manufacturing trimmable stock-size shutter panels allows ShutterLand to sell inexpensive budget shutters at a much lower price than custom made shutters. ShutterLand shutters are sold ready to paint or stain. Interior shutters are the best way to add value to your windows. By ordering interior shutters, you can reduce the price of your shutter project by doing much of the work yourself.

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