ShutterLand on HGTV’s Home Town Takeover

On season two of HGTV’s Home Town Takeover Ben and Erin Napier with Dave and Jenny Marrs revitalize Ft. Morgan, Colorado. The headline stars bring with them a team of experts to renovate homes, local businesses and community spaces. They put great emphasis on hometown pride, identity and creating reasons and spaces for the residents to gather together.

Exterior shutters for HGTV Home Town Takeover.

In episode four, ShutterLand is a featured participant in the transformation of the historic Queen Lounge, one of the oldest buildings in Fort Morgan. The owners, Nick and Amy Grantham were approached by Dave and Jenny to remodel the event space and reconstruct the exterior.

During the evaluation, Jenny explains her vision. “We are going to make the Queen Lounge look and feel like the landmark that it is in this town. And, we are going to really bring back the history of this place. Here’s what I’m thinking; an easy fix out here is to add shutters to these windows. And, maybe we do a fun color, like green.”

The lavish Queen Hotel originally occupied the space in 1930. In the years following, business declined, the hotel closed and the windows were boarded up. In 1980, the Queen Lounge opened in the lower grand lobby, but the upper façade remained virtually unchanged.

Home Town Takeover added beautiful ShutterLand wood louvered exterior shutters to the sixteen prominent windows on the front of the building to instantly enhance the appearance.

Exterior shutters from ShutterLand can be ordered unfinished, primed or fully primed and painted. The hosts opted to receive the wood shutters unfinished so they could be primed and painted green on site. Jenny narrates the installation, stating “By adding shutters to the windows we’ve reinvigorated the building and it no longer looks like it’s forgotten.”   

The renovation greatly benefits the bar but impacts the community in a more profound way. The “ghost town” feel was promptly eliminated when the plywood was removed. Exterior shutters added texture and color that contribute to the overall building plan. Adjacent businesses and residents are also impacted with a renewed pride in the neighborhood. In the reveal, Amy asks, “Do you love the shutters?” and Nick responds, “I love the green!” Amy states, “It looks great! It looks like one building.” with Nick adding, “I never imagined that you’d make it look like this. Unbelievable!”

ShutterLand is honored to have been a part of this marvelous operation to revitalize a deserving small town.

Full episodes of Home Town Takeover can be viewed on HGTV and Discovery+.