Outside Wood Solid Panel Shutters

  • Premium western red cedar exterior shutters with flat panels.
    Wood shaker panel shutter with divider rail
  • Wooden flat panel house shutters.
    Wood flat panel shutter with divider rail
  • Western red cedar wood paneled exterior shutter close up.
    Unfinished wood shaker panel shutter
  • Wood grooved panel shutter with divider rail
  • Arch top wood flat panel exterior shutter.
    Arch top wood flat panel shutter
  • Outdoor shaker shutters with vertical grooves in solid redwood.
    Wood shaker panel shutter without divider rail
  • Wooden flat panel shutter close view.
    Wood flat panel shutter
  • Full flat panel wood shutter ready to paint.
    Wood flat panel shutter without divider rail

Outside premium wood solid panel shutters provide a dynamic element to new and old homes alike. Each shutter consists of 1.5 inch thick vertical stiles and horizontal rails with a central recessed flat or grooved composite panel. The popular groove and flat panel styles draw inspiration from Mid-Century Modern architecture using clean square lines and uncomplicated design. Shaker style panels are constructed with shallow grooves to resemble vertical boards. Flat panels eliminate the lines for a more simple approach, similar to Mission style furniture or doors. Solid panel shutters are offered in three woods; Red Grandis, Cedar and Mahogany, and the width and height can be specified to the quarter inch for a perfect fit.

Panel DesignCustomize
Top ProfileCustomize
Divider RailCustomize
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Total Price: $0
Western Red Cedar Free shipping on most sizes
Western Red Cedar Production time: Approximately 6-9 weeks

Measure for exterior shutters.


Learn the best way to measure for premium wood shutters with step-by-step written instruction and supporting video. We guide you through the measuring process and help to determine the best method for installation of stationary and functional exterior red grandis, mahogany, or cedar shutters.

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Manufacture time for exterior shutters.


ShutterLand solid premium wood exterior shutters currently require approximately 6-9 weeks to manufacture. The production period may vary, depending on a number of factors. We do not guarantee production or shipping times.

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Delivery and shipping of exterior shutters.


Shipping is FREE for most shutters. We ship all wood exterior shutters from our manufacturing facility in Alabama. We generally ship using UPS or FedEx Ground, resulting in a shipping period under one week.

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10 – 32″ in ¼″ increments (W)


15 – 108″ in ¼″ increments (H)

Side Stiles

2 ⅛″ wide (S)
1 ½″ thick (T)

Top Rail

3″ height (TR)
1 ½″ thick (T)

Divider Rail

3″ height (DR)
1 ½″ thick (T)
Optional – Required over 70″
Division Point Location (DP):
Bottom of shutter to center of divider

Second divider rail available

Bottom Rail

3” height (BR)
1 ½″ thick (T)

Solid Panel

Extira composite
⅝” thick (GP)
Flat, or with
Vertical grooves:
2 grooves for widths 12” to 17 ¾”
3 grooves for widths 18” to 23 ¾”
4 grooves for widths 24” to 32”
Flat on back of shutter
Shape cutout on request (+$)

Weight Calculate weight
Rustic wood grooved panel outdoor wood shutters specifications.


Material Kiln dried Red Grandis
Kiln dried Cedar
Kiln dried Mahogany

with Extira composite panels

Finish & Colors

Standard paint (9 colors)*
Custom color ($120 match)*
*Touch-up paint included
Primed only
Unfinished – Paint Grade
Not stainable

Top Options

Arch top left
Arch top right


All solid components
Joints secured with:
2 ½” wood dowels
Polyurethane exterior glue
& 3 ½” threaded screws

Production Time

Approximately 6-9 weeks

Warranty Limited lifetime


Stationary Shutters
Functional Shutters


Stationary Shutters
Functional Shutters

Not Included
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Construction of Wood Solid Panel Shutters

The basic structure of outside solid panel shutters is what makes them globally appealing. Each shutter is constructed with horizontal rails and vertical stiles. Floating in the middle resides a flat or grooved solid panel constructed from Extira, a stable and reliable composite material. The stiles and rails are milled from Red Grandis, Cedar or Mahogany. Each of these kiln-dried premium woods have weather resistant properties that result in durable, yet attractive, custom exterior shutters.

Wood Solid Panel Shutter Options

Every solid panel shaker shutter is manufactured to the 0.25 inch in both width and height to obtain the best possible size for the window. The shutter can be modified by selecting a divider rail, which separates the paneled area into top and bottom sections. Specify the location of the divider rail with the measurement from the bottom of the shutter to the desired center of the divider. Multiple dividers can be added at no additional cost.

The shaker shutter style is enhanced with vertical grooves to simulate boards. The composition of this solid grooved panel shutter is desired on contemporary and classic home styles. Arts and Crafts flat panel shutters are similar in design, only with an even simpler complexion.

Solid panel shutters can be made for arch top windows. Curved top shutters mimic the contour of rectangular windows with round tops. It is necessary to note the springline measurement from the top of the shutter to the start of the arch.

Wood Solid Panel Shutter Paint Colors

Solid panel shutters can be ordered factory painted to match the existing color composition. Solid panel shutters cannot be stained because the composite paneled sections are unable to absorb stain. Unfinished or primed only shutters are sold for DIY homeowners or those with on-site painters. Solid panel shutters are much easier to sand and paint than louvered shutters.

We recommend priming with a solvent-based primer (not water based) because it bonds better with the composite material in the raised panel portion of the shutter. After priming, sand once more with 220-grit sandpaper, then remove all dust with a tack cloth. Once the surface is clean, two coats of a water- or oil-based quality outdoor paint will ensure the exterior wood shutters are ready for outdoor use.

ShutterLand also offers factory priming and painting so your shutters are ready to install upon receipt. We use Benjamin Moore Aqua Lock Plus acrylic water-based universal primer / sealer in a medium gray color for thorough coverage, ready to accept any paint color.

Installation of Wood Shutters

Install wood exterior shutters with hinges to be functional or directly to the building in a fixed position. With operable hardware, solid panel shutters can swing over the window for light control or privacy. They are held open with shutter dogs that lock the shutters in place. Alternatively, wood shutters can be mounted permanently with screws or bolts.

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