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Shutter Definitions

Cafe Type - A shutter unit that only covers the lower portion of a window.

Custom (Custom Made) - A shutter unit that is made specifically for an individual window opening.

Divider Rail - A horizontal bar that creates top and bottom louver sections. It looks like the top or bottom rail and allows the sections to rotate independently. A divider rail is included on traditional shutter panels 40 inches or more in height. Divider rails are not included on traditional panels under 40 inches, and plantation panels.

Double Tier - A shutter unit that has one set of shutters on the top and one on the bottom. Each set of shutters opens independently of the other. A double tier is achieved by ordering two panels to make up the total height of the window.

Finish - Paint or Stain. Unfinished is without paint or stain. All ShutterLand shutters are sold as unfinished panels.

Hanging Hinge - A hinge that connects a shutter panel to the window jamb or hanging strip.

Hang (or Hanging) Strip - A strip that extends the length of the shutter unit hinged to the outside panel. The strip is screwed to the wall or window jamb. Order hanging strips on either the traditional or plantation shutter pages, and view how to use hang strips on the installation page.

Hardware - References hinges, hooks and knobs, and magnetic catches. See Hardware.

Hinge - A two-leaf device that connects a shutter to the mounting surface or joins two shutters together.

Interpanel Hinge - A hinge that connects two panels.

Louver - Movable horizontal slats contained within a shutter panel. Traditional louvers are 1-1/4 inches and plantation louvers are 3 inches.

Mortise - A rectangular cavity in shutter stile for inserting a hinge - allowing a tighter fit to the side of the window or hang strip.

Non-mortise hinge - A hinge that is thin enough not to require a mortise. Non-mortise hinges are sold on the traditional shutters page.

Panel - A single shutter. Most shutter units consist of more than one shutter panel.

Plantation - See plantation shutters page.

Rabbet - A cut or groove along the edge of a stile between panels that allows them to form a joint to reduce light penetration. ShutterLand shutters may be rabbeted, but are not sold with a rabbet.

Rail - Horizontal bar at the top, bottom, or across the center (divider rail).

Shutter - A panel consisting of two side stiles, a top and a bottom rail, and louvers in between.

Stile - Vertical bar found along either side of a shutter panel.

Style - Plantation shutters or Traditional shutters.

Tilt Bar - The vertical bar used for adjusting the louver position.

Traditional - See traditional shutters page.

Unit (shutter unit) - Shutter panels and other necessary components (hanging strips, hardware, etc.) that work together to fit a window opening.


ShutterLand Interior Wood Window Shutters

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